Gosnell’s House of Horrors

Supporters of Planned Parenthood

Supporters of Planned Parenthood (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This crime is really too horrific to dwell on comfortably, but it is an example of what happens when human life is thought to be cheap. Kermit Gosnell is on trial for the murder of  infants who survived their late-term abortions. He uses a procedure called snipping which basically involves cutting the baby’s spinal cord with scissors. While this sounds like the stuff of horror movies, it is real life. The acts are not denied. It is more of a matter of whether this behavior is wrong in the eyes of the law. This is a mirror held up for the American people to consider what happens when we say it is okay to kill certain innocent humans. Where do we draw the line? Please go to Colson Center to learn more about what we can do to stop this kind of heinous crime. The documentary about this crime is called 3801 Lancaster… the street address of the clinic.


Fox News to air 1 hour special broadcast this Sunday


YouTube Documentary of Gosnell’s “medical” practices



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5 Responses to Gosnell’s House of Horrors

  1. It’s obvious what we can do to prevent this. This kind of butcher shop was the norm before Roe V Wade. Stop opposing the operation of women’s clinics, make contraception cheap and available, and provide sex education from grade school on! The push against allowing abortions under any condition made his crimes more likely by providing a profit motive.

    • The preventative conditions you list are exactly the conditions under which Gosnell’s clinic existed. Actually much of the blame can be placed at the feet of inspectors turning a “pro-choice” blind eye to his clinic.

      …the NAF, which touts itself as “the professional association of abortion providers in North America,” inspected Gosnell’s Women’s Medical Society in 2009. The NAF denied the abortion center’s application for membership but “did not report Gosnell to authorities,”…

      World Magazine article

      As far as the normative nature of this “kind of butcher shop” I’ll leave it to you to back up that claim.

      • I lived and was a teen back when the only clinics available for the poor were secret, unclean, unlicensed clinics. It was horrible, but there were no other alternatives for girls who were unmarried or “the wrong color”. I went to school with a girl who died in a back-alley butcher shop from sepsis, after a botched abortion. My parents were poor. They knew many who had died in their neighborhoods after seeking the procedure in desperation, in the days when it was illegal. How much back-up do you need? It’s easily researched. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s factual. Abortion should be safe and legal now, like in most civilized countries, but the pressure to stigmatize it in recent years has made underground operations possible again in the U.S..

      • That is very sad. Those girls should have been protected from that suffering. But making abortion “safe” and legal has made the world very unsafe for over 1 million babies a year in our nation alone… the majority of those being women and minorities. If we should protest the lives of those young women you mentioned, under what age should innocent human life no longer be protected?

  2. I completely agree. Life should be protected, including viable fetuses (before which they are only potential-possible humans), the young and the poor. But we don’t live in a society that cares for the poor to the degree that (for example) Jesus would. We live under Capitalism, and it can be heartless when it comes to the care of the deserving poor. We hold to a number of evil myths such as “The poor are lazy. They could get work if they really tried.” It’s a justification we use for refusing aid, even though we are rich beyond the dreams of most people in the world. The majority of our hungriest citizens are minors. Before we can reduce abortion, we must put more effort into lessening poverty, one of the main reasons women seek the procedure.

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