Ken Eldred was a recent guest on FamilyTalk discussing the concept of boundaries. God puts boundaries in place for our good. Boundaries are what enable creation to be. Creation is basically organization, and organization is boundaries. When there is no organization or boundaries, there is no creation; there is no freedom. When God created the world he set boundaries in place between sky and earth, between water and land, and for Adam and Eve which tree they could and could not eat from. Now there is a boundary of faith in Jesus Christ separating those who have entered into the kingdom of God and who have not. In the new heaven and new earth the first thing that will be established is the boundary of the new Jerusalem, the wall.
In our everyday lives only the boundaries of morals that we observe give our lives any stability and peace. People who do not maintain their moral boundaries in terms of honesty rob and steal from others, create chaos for their victims, and eventually pay for their crimes. Men and women, boys and girls who do not observe sexual boundaries which the left claims do not and should not exist, suffer the serious physical and emotional consequences in terms of disease and depression. Those who stay within those moral sexual boundaries, who wait for sex until marriage, and who remain faithful to their spouses enjoy longer, more satisfying lives. And better sex. We need to recognize and stay within our boundaries to have truly happy lives.


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