ObamaCare vs. Freedom of Religion

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Our religious freedoms are under attack. Our first amendment right to freedom of religion is being undermined by ObamaCare. The Health and Human Services department will now require large organizations to supply their employees health insurance that provides contraception and abortifacient (morning after) drugs. At first the Catholic church was told that it would have one year to figure out how to implement this policy. In other words our Catholic brothers have one year to get comfortable with the idea of violating their consciences. Catholic leadership spoke up and explained that this was not an adequate solution. Next religious organizations were told that they would not have to pay for that part of insurance. Instead the government would pay for that part. This is a complete breakdown of our First Amendment rights. The Obama administration is trying to micromanage religious groups and rob people, particularly large groups of people, of their religious convictions. For more details on this fight click here.

This is another opportunity for us to break the Spiral of Silence and let our voices be heard. There are two ways we can help with this process and stand on the side of the righteous in this situation. First, join with me to ManhattanDeclaration.org and sign the petition against the implementation of this policy. Second, sign the Manhattan Declaration yourself to send a message to those in the government who are working to take away our freedoms. Third, contact your legislator and urge them to stand against this assault on freedom of conscience and religion.

“We will fully and ungrudgingly render to Caesar what is Caesar’s. But under no circumstances will we render to Caesar what is God’s.” — excerpt from the Manhattan Declaration.


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8 Responses to ObamaCare vs. Freedom of Religion

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    • Saira,

      It sounds like you are saying that if various religions disagree on a matter then the American government can legislate however it wants to in regard to the matter. Since Christians, Jews, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, etc. don’t agree in regard to abortion, we need to allow the United States government to make up the rules about that area. Or perhaps you are saying the religion of secular naturalism should take precedence. The fact is that rules are necessary for society to remain civilized and intact. Why not have the rules be based on the laws of nature and of nature’s God? In other words upon the Judeo-Christian faith principles which our founding fathers relied on when crafting our nation?

      • Saira K. says:

        Honestly, I don’t think any laws should be made in respect to religion. It is up to religious officials to teach members of their religion what to avoid and what not to. However, the government has no room to make laws based on religions. Which is why I turned the birth control debate around to abortion. I’m taking the “freedom of religion” notion and applying it elsewhere. The pro-life movement is based solely on the Christian philosophy that life begins at conception and the government cannot outlaw or limit abortion based on that because, after all, if they’re going to listen to the Christians, what about the other millions that are not Christian and have different beliefs?

        And had the founding fathers explicitly said that the Church and State were one and that the rules of this nation were to be based on Judeo-Christian faith principles, well that would be a different story. But that’s not the case. Nor will that work in a country where there are millions and millions of non-Christians. The reason this country is (or was) regarded as great is because it doesn’t force religion on to others. People flee from countries where laws are based around religion because their freedom is taken away from them. And if we were to base our laws on Judeo-Christian faith there is A LOT more that would be outlawed aside from abortion and that it also something the people would not stand for.

      • Your post makes sense if we think in the popular context of the smorgasbord of religions. That we can pick and choose from religions of the world like the makings of a sandwich. In fact that is not the way life works. Belief systems adhere more or less closely to the way the world actually works. The founding fathers recognized this and built our nation’s foundation on Christian principles. Even though the actual historical evidence for this has been blurred by the academic and media blizzard of misinformation. It does not change the facts of the founders’ beliefs as evidenced in their own writings. Many of which are still available today. I touch on this some in my post https://conservativeeducator.com/2012/02/24/our-godless-constitution/

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