Tipping Points

Chuck Colson in his Breakpoint Commentary discussed the idea of Tipping Points in culture. Just a few activists have pushed our culture to the brink of legalizing same-sex marriage and managed to define the debate in large part by a favorable portrayal of homosexual characters in media.

WallBuilders discussed this concept recently with Colson teammate John Stonestreet of Summit Ministries. They made the point that a minority can move the majority opinion if they act on the leverage points of culture. Summit Ministries provide classes for youth and adults on Christian worldview training. Doing the Right Thing is a DVD series for Christian worldview training.

If we Christians will get more active and exert influence at the leverage points of culture, we will move our culture back in the direction of godliness, morality, and eventually prosperity. For us as
teachers we are already at one of the leverage points of culture. Unfortunately most of us do not take a distinctly Christian stand there (myself included). If we are not courageous and begin to do so, we will continue to lose the culture war.


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